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Welcome to the website of the Faculty of Engineering of Yanka Kuppala Grodno State University!

Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno is a major regional university complex in Belarus integrating all education levels. It’s a big-scale scientific centre of the region, a classical type university acknowledged by the international community.

The Faculty of Engineering was established on January 1, 2024 by joining the Faculty of Civil Engineering to the Faculty of Innovative Technologies of Mechanical Engineering.

The Faculty of Engineering carries out scientific relations with representatives of universities abroad: Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Poland, etc. The geography of graduates of our faculty includes countries such as Turkmenistan, Iraq, Iran, China, Congo, Ecuador, Nigeria, etc.

Today, the Faculty of Engineering is:

  • 4 departments (Department of Material Science and Resourcesaving Technologies; Department of Machine Science and Technical Vehicle Maintenance; Department of Logistics and Methods of Management; Department of Architecture and Construction)
  • 9 branches of departments in enterprises and organizations
  • 14 research laboratories
  • Student scientific club and student Design Bureau

Advantages of studying at the Faculty of Engineering:

1.      The implementation of educational programs is ensured by a highly professional staff of teachers.

2.      Practical involvement in the profession from the first year

3.      Russian language training is organized for foreign students and undergraduates.

4.      Lectures and practical classes are conducted by leading specialists from Belarus and abroad.

5.      Possibility of studying for a master's degree in the specialties of the faculty.

6.      Availability of equipped classrooms and laboratories

7.      Participation of students in exhibitions and competitions at the republican and international levels.

8.      Summer schools on youth programs are organized for foreign students and undergraduates

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