Professional competencies

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Specialty 7-07-0731-01 "Architecture":

  • Creation of architectural projects according to design and technical requirements;
  • Possession of the basics of landscape-ecological and landscape aesthetic worldview, architectural and landscape composition, the basic principles of architectural and landscape design of objects of various types;
  • Application of knowledge about the planning organization of different types of territorial formations, trends and prospects of urbanization and management of the processes of development of settlements and territories;
  • The formation of the interior as a system of functional, three-dimensional, engineering, technical and artistic components of the subject-spatial and light-color environment;
  • Optimization of the architectural environment using the basic concepts and prerequisites for the formation of scientific ecological and urban planning theory and a multi-level approach to solving environmental problems of urban planning, landscape architecture and design;

Specialty 7-07-0732-01 «Building and Construction»:

  • Design of buildings and structures and development of organizational and technological documentation;
  • Organization and management of production processes for the construction of buildings and structures for various purposes;
  • Development of technical documentation for the production of construction and installation works in the construction of buildings and structures;
  • Improvement of production technologies for construction and installation works;
  • Organization of production activities and management of labor collectives in construction;
  • Performing scientific research in the field of construction;

Specialty 6-051042-01 «Transport logistics»:

  • Organization and design of logistics systems in transport;
  • Operational management of traffic flows;
  • Management of the main logistic functions: orders, stocks, transportation, warehousing, packaging, service; Logistics system administration: controlling and auditing;
  • Formation of global logistics systems and international logistics;
  • Participation in the development and organization of production technology;
  • Development and economic justification of investment projects for the development of the organization;
  • Organizing and conducting marketing research on the market conditions of logistics services;

Specialty 6-05-0714-02 «Mechanical engineering technology, metalcutting machines and tools»:

  • Analysis and development of product designs and technological processes of their manufacture, assembly, organization of production and repair of mechanical engineering products, technological equipment;
  • Modernization of metal-cutting equipment, tooling and tools, research and scientific and technical developments in the field of materials science and technology of structural materials;
  • Using knowledge about the properties of structural materials and their interrelationships with the strength characteristics of parts to determine stress and deformation in typical machine parts;
  • The use of knowledge about modern strength theory, strength assessment methods, properties of modern materials, principles and stages of design for the calculation of basic parts and machines;
  • Knowledge of the basic concepts of schematic diagrams of mechanisms for solving engineering problems; methods of calculating static and dynamic systems, normalizing the accuracy of machine parts to ensure the required quality of machines and mechanisms;
  • Knowledge of the basic concepts and laws of physics, principles of theoretical and experimental analysis of physical phenomena and processes for metal processing and hardening;
  • Based on knowledge of the requirements for standard machine parts, the ability to design these parts and assemblies and perform their calculations;

Specialty  6-050715-07 «Operation of ground transport and technological machines and complexes»:

  • Understanding the principles of obtaining structural materials and the application of surface treatment methods in the manufacture of car parts;
  • The use of various methods of graphical constructions on the plane and in the space of car parts and technical equipment for the maintenance and repair of motor vehicles;
  • Selection of structural materials of a certain composition and functional properties during car maintenance and repair;
  • The ability to perform calculations on the strength, rigidity and stability of structures; Having the skills of structural analysis of mechanisms.

Specialty 7-06-0732-01 "Construction":

  • To use innovative methods and technologies in the design, organization, construction and manufacture of building structures of buildings and structures, installation of foundations of industrial and civil buildings
  • To use modern instrumentation and promising methods of non-destructive testing to monitor and diagnose the condition of building products, structures, buildings and structures
  • To use modern software systems for design, 3D modeling, development of information models of industrial and civil facilities, to use the acquired knowledge to solve practical, research and innovative tasks
  • Apply knowledge of the organization of design, survey and production activities to solve professional tasks

Specialty 7-06-0412-03 "Logistics":

  • To plan transport operations taking into account optimization of logistics processes of transport systems
  • Apply the principles of customs logistics to improve the efficiency of the organization
  • Apply the principles of reverse logistics in supply chains and choose effective methods of return flow management
  • Develop and implement an organization development strategy based on a logistical approach

Specialty 7-06-0714-02 «Innovative technologies in mechanical engineering»:

  • Apply highly efficient technologies, effective methods for obtaining blanks, machine parts, methods of volumetric and surface hardening of machine parts to increase their service life, taking into account their operating conditions
  • To develop technological processes for manufacturing parts using additive methods, taking into account the limitations of the technologies used to ensure the required quality and the specifics of the practical use of additive technologies at the production stage of the product life cycle
  • To use knowledge about the physical foundations of nanotechnology and concentrated energy flows, new materials and prospects for their development in the design of highly efficient technological processes for the manufacture of machine parts

Specialty 7-06-0715-01 «Transport»:

  • Apply mathematical methods for decision-making in the design of transport system facilities
  • Possess knowledge of the theory of automobiles and be able to apply them in the technical operation of vehicles
  • Possess knowledge about management and regulation in technical systems of cars
  • Master the basics of creating efficient, reliable, economical and environmentally friendly wheeled and tracked vehicles and ensuring scientific and technological progress in this field